Auso Group Branding

Date: 2017


Auso Group is a comprehensive group of business and trade in agricultural products, which is headquartered in Australia. The meaning of Auso is Australia Overseas “.

We were using typography to create this logo. The advantages of the typographic logo are: 1. Reduce ambiguity, try to avoid strong graphics bring people too much imagination and lead to misunderstanding. 2. Easier to remember, less amount of information, easier to remember, avoid confusion. 3. Easy to retrieve, a company name is easier to retrieve through various channels.

The concept comes from “Boomerang” and “Bridge”.

Boomerangs are ancient tools, have been historically used for hunting, as well as a sport, and entertainment. They are commonly thought of as an Australian icon, and they are highly relate to ancient Australian Aboriginal life. Auso as an Australian business, involved in real estate and agriculture, which is still closely linked with life, so we decided to use a boomerang element to emphasis this idea. It also be like a bridge, a bridge that connects China and Australia, makes it clear to send the industry attributes and brand personality traits.

We use shades of warm grey and green in the colour scheme, symbolise balanced, steady, natural, life and harmony, establish a health, positive and agricutural company image.